Hiro (n_hiroshi) wrote in gravitation_rpg,


Syuuichi alights from Hiro's bike and skips lively beside Hiro as he pushes his bike into the parking bay. After parking, they both walked up the stairs to Hiro's apartment.
They entered the apartment...
Syuuichi rushed in and tossed himself onto the sofa while Hiro walks into his room to get the MD of the music he recorded. As he came out of the room, he heard sounds coming from the kitchen. It was weird. No one was supposed to be in his home. He was suspicious of the uninvited guest, so he walked carefully, towards the kitchen without making a sound.
He peeked into the kitchen and found a figure behind the opened fridge door rummaging the refrigerator. His eyes narrowed in disgust. He though, "No one would ever break into an apartment to steal food". He suspected sho it was. To confirm his suspicions, he moved closer. Medium sized built figure, it couldn't be anyone except...his brother, Yuuzi sneaking into his apartment to hook a meal...
He poked Yuuzi in the waist which make him squeal a little. Yuuzi fell on the floor in shock. He turned around and saw his little brother. He put on a sarcastic smile. Hiro looked at him in disgust and said...
"What are you doing here Yuuzi?"
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