Ryuuichi (ryuuichi_sakuma) wrote in gravitation_rpg,

Pls make a vote!!

Our moderator has made her point that the RPG is currently getting a little junky. I would like to put it to a vote, do you all want to change this community to follow exactly(somewhat exactly) to the manga and post the other fun post in the other separate community (mentioned in the post before...which is said to have no proper connection to the manga or anime)or you would like to keep this(the currently way we post)up.
Pls give your comments...
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I have no idea cause I'm lost, I'm used to rping on Yahoo,Msn,or AIM . sometimes on live journal but not alot and since I'm confused out of my mind I say keep it the way that is .....or make it better and yesh..help..me to under stand PLEASE I'M BEGGING!
There's been a problem.(I've never hosted a RPG before and this is my first time, so...haha...it's quite messy.)

But since it started so messily(with the introduction of characters) i finally concluded we continue it that way since everyone couldn't RPG at the same time, so the stuff didn't tally.

The moderator, and quite a few characters disappeared too and Syuuichi had a hard time getting responds to his posts so, his previous proper RPG posts were currently abandoned waiting for Yuki-san's responds...

Besides, Ryuuichi decided to add some spice to it to give the community some life...So he started with K-san the untold story of Gravi before Bad Luck came in. But I think Yuriko-san got a little confused so, we(K-san, Ryuuichi, and Tohma) tried to follow up and fix it by adjusting it a little.

And this is where we're continuing currently...the beach party...

I think we should revert back to the proper RPG... I'll start picking out the past posts which can be used for the rpg and inform everyone...

Thanks for taking so much of your time reading.

that helps abit ,thanks
You're welcome. I'm really sorry for the confusion. Maybe we can use the msn to make the story tally. Then we can discuss the story while posting without getting the story all mixed up and confuse the other players.
that'd be a good idea to use Msn,in the computer I'm using right now it only has Yahoo and AIM but the one I have at home has all 3 of them.
you have Yahoo...You can give out your Yahoo, AIM and MSN ID(if you don't mind) so anyone who has either can communicate using either...
they're on my profile page thing


so wait are we following the manga and anime rule by rule now? cause if we are I must get rid of my char...::tear:: or are we just continuing?
I'm still looking through it, but i think if we want to RPG its still ok to fit her in.(i'm tryingtogather the parts which we've posted and can still use)

I'll give a suggestion on whatwe will do. We make our own version of Gravi and only follow the frame of anime and manga.

I want to try something more exciting than simpy following the anime like pairing different pairs of people and making our own version of the story

is that ok with you??
yes it's very fine with me, thats what i thought we were suppose to be doing in the beginning yay i get to keep yuriko ^^
i'm totally lost...*gives dumb look*