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10:26pm 15/11/2004
mood: anxious
Once inside the band members were taking for wardrobe and makeup.
::she watched with intent eyes at the stage wondering just how good they would be:: Tohma? ::she turned to her cousin:: Ryu-san? K-San? What time is this suppose to start? I'm getting bored just waiting...

(come on lets rp all !!! ^^ ))

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Bad Luck's doing the opening!! 
04:06pm 18/10/2004
mood: excited
Hiro drags Yuuzi across Tokyo city as Syuuichi was clinging from Yuuzi's foot still not letting him go.*the passerby's looked at them with disbelief.* After a long 'drag'...they finally reached, NG corp.

As they were entering the front door, a car stopped right in front of them. Out came...
Tohma-san and Yuriko-chan ...

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07:28am 04/10/2004
  Syuuichi alights from Hiro's bike and skips lively beside Hiro as he pushes his bike into the parking bay. After parking, they both walked up the stairs to Hiro's apartment.
They entered the apartment...
Syuuichi rushed in and tossed himself onto the sofa while Hiro walks into his room to get the MD of the music he recorded. As he came out of the room, he heard sounds coming from the kitchen. It was weird. No one was supposed to be in his home. He was suspicious of the uninvited guest, so he walked carefully, towards the kitchen without making a sound.
He peeked into the kitchen and found a figure behind the opened fridge door rummaging the refrigerator. His eyes narrowed in disgust. He though, "No one would ever break into an apartment to steal food". He suspected sho it was. To confirm his suspicions, he moved closer. Medium sized built figure, it couldn't be anyone except...his brother, Yuuzi sneaking into his apartment to hook a meal...
He poked Yuuzi in the waist which make him squeal a little. Yuuzi fell on the floor in shock. He turned around and saw his little brother. He put on a sarcastic smile. Hiro looked at him in disgust and said...
"What are you doing here Yuuzi?"

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08:09pm 30/09/2004
  "Alright. As long as your okay with it." Yuki said.

He stroked her cheek gently and smiled. He leaned closer to her and softly kissed her passionately upon her lips.

she blinked for about a second then closed her eyes and kissed him back ,that day couldnt be better for her.

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08:23pm 19/09/2004
mood: content
Yuki smiled. She seemed much better.

"You look nice, Ayaka." Yuki said, "I picked a nice restaurant for us. Its by an oceanview, I thought you might like it."

Yuki put his arm around her and smiled.

"Ready to go?" He asked

Ayaka looked at his arm then at him " yes " she smiled

and they went on thier way out .

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01:45pm 13/09/2004
mood: lonely
::sitting on a chair she took out a magazine and began to read:: How many hours had it been since Tohma said he was coming to get her? Where is everyone ::feeling sleepy she was considering sleeping at the airport, but then there was the creepy guy in the green jacket, On second though, continued to flip through the magazine:: Ugh, how could i have packed my money and everything: Tohma, please get here soon anybody?

-----Few hours later---
Hm...::she woke up:: Ha? ::music was playing in the backround and then someone came up to her::
Girl:Hey aren't you Seguchi Yuriko?
YurikoMe? Um I yes...why?
Girl:Well were having a fundraiser here at the airport and were doing line dancing and group dancing and all kinds of dancing. Problem is we want to do some american line dancing...you know any?
Yuriko: Eh, well yes...Cotton eyed joe is one I know..sure people would enjoy that
Girl: Great, oh thank you miss Seguchi ^^ ::grabs her arm:: Lets go!
Yuriko: wahh now?...::is dragged::

----Minutes later---
::yuriko is now dancing cotton eyed joe with a bunch of people:: (So much for suttle re-entry to japan)

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01:38pm 13/09/2004
mood: sad
Ayaka sat up stareing at the walls "where am I.." her head hurt.

she didnt see anyone she knew so she felt lonely . she looked around and found a paper that said why she was there and who called . she sighed " I'm such an idiot..geting all worked up over him " she shook her head and began to cry

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While the cat's away... 
03:34pm 12/09/2004
  After Yuki left to follow his little stalker (really, Tatsuha would never understand how people could stalk other people...it was so...creepy. He'd never do such a thing) Tatsuha had free reign over the apartment. Making a beeline for Yuki's notebook computer, he rubbed his hands together and tapped a few keys, bringing up his personal website.

"Haven't updated in awhile...hope Ryuichi hasn't thought that I've forgotten about him." Whistling as he clicked...clicked...copy, clicked...Tatsuha's face slowly perked up with a grin. Yuki really did have the best programs on his computer, it was amazing what one could do with this 'Photoshop' program. The grin widened as Tatsuha's face took on a decidedly evil cast...his eyes glimmering with humor and more than a little lust as he created his newest masterpiece.

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02:26pm 06/09/2004
  Ayaka after standing there infront of Yuki for a few minutes felt that she needed to leave. so she did leaveing Yuki at his door.

after a while she went and checked into a hotel , she put her things away and left to go outside.

she went to the park and sat down on a bench.

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Trip Home 
10:56pm 31/08/2004
mood: worried
Express Flight from America To Japan
::she looked out from the planes window peering on the city below:: It had been four years since she had last been to her homecountry Japan. Yuriko Seguchi...famous dancer and coriographer since she was a mere child. She was 10 when she became famous, and left Japan at age 15, now 19 she is returning to begin bigger projects::sitting in her seat she wore a blue baseball cap to cover her head, and sunglasses to hide her trademark pink eyes, wearing oversized overalls and a tank top she tried to look as normal as possible perhaps she could pass for American::....::Thinking about Thoma, and Ryuichi, even if she had stayed with Ryuichi several times while they both toured in America..She just couldn't be without him for such a long time! Especially since her cousin took him away before their time in America was over with... holding her pink bunny she listened to her NittleGrasper cd:: Ah if I could only stretch!...

"exscuse me miss?" *Huh, um..yes?* "Are you Seguchi Yuriko?"

*eh? *Um..why..er..

* "AHHH! You are! Oh im such a big fan I love your dancing and saw you on broadway eighteentimes! I love you so does my brother!"

*Oh, um heh thats great..really,but...*"Max come over here it's Yuriko!"
+what yuriko!?!+""Double GLOMP"^-^;;
Ahh...::stars running around her head:: *i'll sign anything, but please get off me...* +"We LOVE YOU!'+.....(Why does it always have to be two or more why Can't it just be one, one glomp I could survive, but two..ugh...dear stars help me...(And so began her trip home)..."Oh wow It's Yuriko!" *someone please save me...*

------Several hours later-----
::getting off of the flight,...::shakes her head putting her cap back in place:: ugh that was killer...::took out her cell phone, and dialed a very familiar number::
Come on Tohma pick up your phone...
::looked around realizing she forgot to make arrangments for a cab:: Hm.. and all my stuff is already sent ahead ::threw her back pack over her shoulder:: still...heavy...ugh..
::ring ring::
Please pick up your phone...

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Song vs Exams 
05:58pm 27/08/2004
mood: indescribable
The phone in Syuuichi’s house rings…
After a while, the receiver is picked up.

Syuuichi’s mum: Hello, Shindo's residence.

Hiroshi: Um…hello obaasan(aunty). This is Hiroshi. Is Syuuichi home?

Syuuichi’s mum: Oh Hiro-kun. Syuuichi stayed back in school in the library. ‘Studying I hope’…*she mumbled and paused a little*. Is there anything important you want me to tell him, Hiro-kun?

Hiroshi: It’s ok then. I guess I’ll see him. Thanks obaasan.*puts down the phone*

Hiroshi says to himself, “That Syuuichi…always trying to seek an opportunity to compose…”

He straps his bag over him and puts on his helmet. He was off to school on his motorcycle…

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Ryuuichi's 'PAST' post 
04:56pm 25/08/2004
  Ryuuichi's coming back!!

Let me tell...the edited portion of Gravitation.

^^In America:

Ryuuichi comes back to his apartment tired but still joyful as ever after his concert.

Ryuuichi:うれしなのだ。。。(I'm so happy)
Then, he paused...

"But...K-san left me again..."he said, half sobbing as he shook Kumagorou (irresponsible manager)...きらいなのだ。。。(I hate him-well at times when he is irresponsible)

He sticks the house keys into the door knob and turns it open.

"The lights are on nanoda" he thought.

He didn't remember leaving it on before they (he and K-san) left. He then stepped into the apartment and shut the door behind him.

Before he could even step into his room, the phone rang.
He rushed to pick it up and then was surprised to hear his good keyboardist...Tohma.

Ryuuichi: Tohma nanoda...How are you?

Tohma: I'm fine Ryuuichi. How's your concert today?

Ryuuichi: Very exciting nanoda. The crowd was...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................(an hour later....)and so, I...........................................................................................................................................(2 hours later)then we were..........................................................................................(and finally)...So why did you call me nanoda?

Tohma (who was half bored to death-but as patient as he is...): Oh Ryuuichi, you're coming back to perform here in Japan.

Ryuuichi (eyes lighted up. ): Souka nanoda...(Is that so!!)Yay nanoda...I get to see everyone. Tohma and Noriko...^^

Tohma: Yes, Ryuuichi. You'll be scheduled to come back this Sunday...I'll come to pick you up ok.

Ryuuichi: Ok nanoda^^...See you then Tohma...Bye, Bye nanoda!!

Then he puts down the receiver.

Ryuuichi: You hear that, Kumagorou. We're going back to Japan... Isn't it exciting nanoda. We'll get to see Tohma and Noriko and everyone else...

うれしなのだ^^(I'm so happy)!!

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Yuki's 'PAST' post 
04:39pm 25/08/2004
  Brotherly love<3
In his apartment, Yuki sat on his desk thinking, thinking of something new to write
something inspiring. His romance novels seemed so similar in every way that he was surprised none of his fans even noticed. He sighed and tried not to stress too much about it after all his next deadline was more than a month away from now and that was plenty of time for him to have it done and ready for print.
He got up from his favorite wooden chair and headed toward his living room, there had to be something on the television that could distract him. When he entered the living room, he could feel his blood pressure rising, he could not believe this jerk had the nerve to sit on his couch, watching his television, worst of all he knew exactly what the idiot was watching.
He walked over to him, trying to remain calm, and sat on the couch, his eyes focused only on his brother.

"Tatsuha, do you mind explaining to me why your in my home watching that stupid video
of Nittle Grasper again?" Yuki asked angrily, "Don't you have any other place to go?"

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07:45pm 23/08/2004
mood: creative
I've decided that we should continue from the following points

-->Yuki and Tatsuha

-->K-san, Ryuuichi, Yuriko and Tohma-san in America relaxing for awhile I guess until you come back to us in Jap!

and those of you who haven't comunnicated with any characters, talk to characters who you think your character should have a connection with.

Shuichi, I believe was with Hiro at the time? If not I think those two should start off together, searching for our dear Sakano, and we know Tohma needs to get into the picture soon or later, so Suguru could meet up with Shuichi and Hiro. But if Suguru would like to meet them earlier that's fine by me as long as Shuichi and Hiro don't mind.

Remember every character is important even if their minor characters, everyone try to get involved! I hope by Thursday all of you have read this and are willing to start. Just comment here and tell me what you think.

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12:29pm 23/08/2004
mood: crazy
I'd say by this Wednesday or Thursday we should be able to start in the right direction, I believe I have an idea on how all of us can start.
I'll post with more info tonight ^_^
I need all your opinions they all matter

Don't forget to join gravitation_ooc for all posts that don't have to do with the RPG or about it!

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Feedback Please! And where's Shuichi and the others? 
09:13am 23/08/2004
mood: confused
Who wants to wipe clean and start fresh?
It would with alot of loss ends we have
here plus everyone can get back in the flow
of things. I for one think its the best solution.

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Your Moderater Is Wondering.... 
11:02pm 22/08/2004
mood: curious
I was thinking let's start with that same direction as the anime (don't worry manga characters may stay), I think if all of us have seen the anime, its a simpler direction. Anyone have ideas? Tell me what you think so we make this easier and simpler for us all.

*Edit*- I thought about starting from the anime but I don't want to be exact, like I don't want Shuichi and Yuki to meet to soon. But I want everyone to enjoy themselves, here so I'm doing this for the Gravi fans out there who would love to see Gravi at their perspective. *shrugs* But this is all up to you guys, how you'd like it would help me create it for us all!

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Pls make a vote!! 
02:09am 23/08/2004
  Our moderator has made her point that the RPG is currently getting a little junky. I would like to put it to a vote, do you all want to change this community to follow exactly(somewhat exactly) to the manga and post the other fun post in the other separate community (mentioned in the post before...which is said to have no proper connection to the manga or anime)or you would like to keep this(the currently way we post)up.
Pls give your comments...

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ATTENTION Gravitation RPGers 
01:08pm 22/08/2004
mood: awake
Hey Everyone
Sorry I haven't been present very well, reality and sickness likes to keep me busy but I'm here to organize things back to the way things should be so, I'm going to need your help to make things right again.
Alright first thing is, I know there are some of our RPGers who post things that do not have to do with the RPG, and I don't mind the posts at all I like them alot, but I don't want to get them mixed up together, so I've made this community for things that do not have to do with the RPG gravitation_ooc
This community is for any of our players who want to post things about the community, post things that they've done, or post anything that has to do about Gravitation. But mostly if you have a question about the RPG that you need help with, posting it there would be appreciated.

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11:01am 22/08/2004
mood: creative
lookie I drew ryu-chan and .....it sucks ;_;

this is what I looked off of

they dont look the same....my drawing is shitty

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