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gravitation_rpg's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
Hey everyone
This RPG is dedicated to Gravitation (the anime)!
Ever wanted to renact Gravitation in a way
you thought should have happened?
Well this is the community just for you!

I'm the moderator: deeperawakening
And this is your co-moderator: n_hiroshi

If you have any questions ask either one of us ^_^

Like all RPGs there are a few rules and here they are:

1. Don't move characters around especially without the players knowledge

2. Try to post often, try not to leave the character MIA for weeks while the other characters wait for your character to post

3. There is no limit to how many characters you want.

I think that's basically it, if there's anymore I'll post it.

Okay now that we're through with the basics let's see the characters available!

Characters Playable

-->Ayaka Usami--played by--> _darknessangel_

-->Eiri Yuki--played by--> yuki_novelist

-->Hiroshi Nakano--played by--> n_hiroshi

-->K--played by--> wakalaka07

-->Tohma Seguchi--played by--> wakalaka07

-->Tatsuha Uesugi--played by--> sakuma_tatsuha

-->Tachi Aizawa

-->Suguru Fujisaki--played by--> spaz_genius

-->Shuichi Shindou--played by--> kawaiishuichi

-->Sakano--played by--> spaztic_sakano

-->Ryuichi Sakuma--played by--> ryuuichi_sakuma

-->Noriko Ukai--played by--> _darknessangel_

-->Maiko--played by-- hikari_shiroki

-->Yuriko Seguchi--played by-- darkestofdreams

If you want to create your own characters and add it, that's fine with me just let me know first lol

I hope everyone enjoys it.