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ATTENTION Gravitation RPGers

Hey Everyone
Sorry I haven't been present very well, reality and sickness likes to keep me busy but I'm here to organize things back to the way things should be so, I'm going to need your help to make things right again.
Alright first thing is, I know there are some of our RPGers who post things that do not have to do with the RPG, and I don't mind the posts at all I like them alot, but I don't want to get them mixed up together, so I've made this community for things that do not have to do with the RPG gravitation_ooc
This community is for any of our players who want to post things about the community, post things that they've done, or post anything that has to do about Gravitation. But mostly if you have a question about the RPG that you need help with, posting it there would be appreciated.

Okay #2 now we've all been disarranged on where people are, so I was thinking let's try to start this thing from the top or so?
Could everyone tell me where everyone is so we can plan exactly where everyone should be to talk with the other characters? We don't want to leave anyone out. ^_^

Now #3, I just wanted to say that when posting or commenting it should be down as kind of a third person narrative, for example:

While at the park, Yuki looks up at the starry night, pondering on things that have been bothering him for awhile now. His brother's obsession with Ryuichi, his sister's marriage to Tohma, and his understanding of love. It bothered him that he could write such romantic novels yet he could not understand love himself.
"Love is for fools." He muttered to himself. He headed off out of the park, he had enough of thinking about it. As he walked something flew in his direction, a piece of paper.

Okay something like that lol would be fine, and anyone get involved in the post, as long as it makes sense for your character to be there.

Lastly #4, I'd like to make sure everyone who's in this RPG are still in this RPG, if you are post here with your Character Name and we'll be set!

Thanks for your time and patience guys I appreciate it!

And just to let you all know, if you have any questions talk to hnakano as well if I'm not available! ^_^
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