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::sitting on a chair she took out a magazine and began to read:: How many hours had it been since Tohma said he was coming to get her? Where is everyone ::feeling sleepy she was considering sleeping at the airport, but then there was the creepy guy in the green jacket, On second though, continued to flip through the magazine:: Ugh, how could i have packed my money and everything: Tohma, please get here soon anybody?

-----Few hours later---
Hm...::she woke up:: Ha? ::music was playing in the backround and then someone came up to her::
Girl:Hey aren't you Seguchi Yuriko?
YurikoMe? Um I yes...why?
Girl:Well were having a fundraiser here at the airport and were doing line dancing and group dancing and all kinds of dancing. Problem is we want to do some american line know any?
Yuriko: Eh, well yes...Cotton eyed joe is one I know..sure people would enjoy that
Girl: Great, oh thank you miss Seguchi ^^ ::grabs her arm:: Lets go!
Yuriko: wahh now?...::is dragged::

----Minutes later---
::yuriko is now dancing cotton eyed joe with a bunch of people:: (So much for suttle re-entry to japan)
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