sakuma_tatsuha (sakuma_tatsuha) wrote in gravitation_rpg,

While the cat's away...

After Yuki left to follow his little stalker (really, Tatsuha would never understand how people could stalk other was so...creepy. He'd never do such a thing) Tatsuha had free reign over the apartment. Making a beeline for Yuki's notebook computer, he rubbed his hands together and tapped a few keys, bringing up his personal website.

"Haven't updated in awhile...hope Ryuichi hasn't thought that I've forgotten about him." Whistling as he clicked...clicked...copy, clicked...Tatsuha's face slowly perked up with a grin. Yuki really did have the best programs on his computer, it was amazing what one could do with this 'Photoshop' program. The grin widened as Tatsuha's face took on a decidedly evil cast...his eyes glimmering with humor and more than a little lust as he created his newest masterpiece.
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