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Trip Home

Express Flight from America To Japan
::she looked out from the planes window peering on the city below:: It had been four years since she had last been to her homecountry Japan. Yuriko Seguchi...famous dancer and coriographer since she was a mere child. She was 10 when she became famous, and left Japan at age 15, now 19 she is returning to begin bigger projects::sitting in her seat she wore a blue baseball cap to cover her head, and sunglasses to hide her trademark pink eyes, wearing oversized overalls and a tank top she tried to look as normal as possible perhaps she could pass for American::....::Thinking about Thoma, and Ryuichi, even if she had stayed with Ryuichi several times while they both toured in America..She just couldn't be without him for such a long time! Especially since her cousin took him away before their time in America was over with... holding her pink bunny she listened to her NittleGrasper cd:: Ah if I could only stretch!...

"exscuse me miss?" *Huh, um..yes?* "Are you Seguchi Yuriko?"

*eh? *

* "AHHH! You are! Oh im such a big fan I love your dancing and saw you on broadway eighteentimes! I love you so does my brother!"

*Oh, um heh thats great..really,but...*"Max come over here it's Yuriko!"
+what yuriko!?!+""Double GLOMP"^-^;;
Ahh...::stars running around her head:: *i'll sign anything, but please get off me...* +"We LOVE YOU!'+.....(Why does it always have to be two or more why Can't it just be one, one glomp I could survive, but two..ugh...dear stars help me...(And so began her trip home)..."Oh wow It's Yuriko!" *someone please save me...*

------Several hours later-----
::getting off of the flight,...::shakes her head putting her cap back in place:: ugh that was killer...::took out her cell phone, and dialed a very familiar number::
Come on Tohma pick up your phone...
::looked around realizing she forgot to make arrangments for a cab:: Hm.. and all my stuff is already sent ahead ::threw her back pack over her shoulder:: still...heavy...ugh..
::ring ring::
Please pick up your phone...
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