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Song vs Exams

The phone in Syuuichi’s house rings…
After a while, the receiver is picked up.

Syuuichi’s mum: Hello, Shindo's residence.

Hiroshi: Um…hello obaasan(aunty). This is Hiroshi. Is Syuuichi home?

Syuuichi’s mum: Oh Hiro-kun. Syuuichi stayed back in school in the library. ‘Studying I hope’…*she mumbled and paused a little*. Is there anything important you want me to tell him, Hiro-kun?

Hiroshi: It’s ok then. I guess I’ll see him. Thanks obaasan.*puts down the phone*

Hiroshi says to himself, “That Syuuichi…always trying to seek an opportunity to compose…”

He straps his bag over him and puts on his helmet. He was off to school on his motorcycle…
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