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Ryuuichi's 'PAST' post

Ryuuichi's coming back!!

Let me tell...the edited portion of Gravitation.

^^In America:

Ryuuichi comes back to his apartment tired but still joyful as ever after his concert.

Ryuuichi:うれしなのだ。。。(I'm so happy)
Then, he paused...

"But...K-san left me again..."he said, half sobbing as he shook Kumagorou (irresponsible manager)...きらいなのだ。。。(I hate him-well at times when he is irresponsible)

He sticks the house keys into the door knob and turns it open.

"The lights are on nanoda" he thought.

He didn't remember leaving it on before they (he and K-san) left. He then stepped into the apartment and shut the door behind him.

Before he could even step into his room, the phone rang.
He rushed to pick it up and then was surprised to hear his good keyboardist...Tohma.

Ryuuichi: Tohma nanoda...How are you?

Tohma: I'm fine Ryuuichi. How's your concert today?

Ryuuichi: Very exciting nanoda. The crowd was...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................(an hour later....)and so, I...........................................................................................................................................(2 hours later)then we were..........................................................................................(and finally)...So why did you call me nanoda?

Tohma (who was half bored to death-but as patient as he is...): Oh Ryuuichi, you're coming back to perform here in Japan.

Ryuuichi (eyes lighted up. ): Souka nanoda...(Is that so!!)Yay nanoda...I get to see everyone. Tohma and Noriko...^^

Tohma: Yes, Ryuuichi. You'll be scheduled to come back this Sunday...I'll come to pick you up ok.

Ryuuichi: Ok nanoda^^...See you then Tohma...Bye, Bye nanoda!!

Then he puts down the receiver.

Ryuuichi: You hear that, Kumagorou. We're going back to Japan... Isn't it exciting nanoda. We'll get to see Tohma and Noriko and everyone else...

うれしなのだ^^(I'm so happy)!!


::knocks on Ryuu-chan’s Door:: Hello Ryuu-chan? ::thinking oh no! he's not home, or maybe he's busy and can't talk, or maybe he's mad at me and doesn't want to see me?! Ohh nooo!:: ::falls down sitting there clutching her home baked chocolate Chip cookies:: Ryuu-chan please open the door Yuriko is here ^^ :;sniffle:: (Always gets all emotional when thinking or near Ryuuichi) ::sits there leaning against the door hoping he'll open it:: Hmph....I'll just stay here I don't have a show till much later in the afternoon tomorrow anyways. ^^

Currently Ryuuichi is already in the bathroom with Kumagorou using his Strawberry bath foam^^...so...sorry, he won't be able to hear Yuriko-san outside the door...and well, he takes quite a long time to shower. Maybe 2 hours. Can you wait that long, Yuriko-san??

::Looks at her watch:: One and a half hour has passed...::sighs:: Oh well I'll just sleep here with my cookies...::gets an idea:: Yes..I'll sleep here and wait and when Ryuuichi comes out to open his door I'll be wide awake and ready to give him my cookies^^ ::dreams of Ryuuichi and Nittle Grasper from when she was a kid:: ZzzzZZzzzzz...

2 and a half hours later. Ryuuichi comes out of the bath and puts on his own CD. The beat of shinning collection could be heard clearly...He sinks into his soft couch, lies back and dozes to sleep(Kumagorou in hand).

::wake up:: Okay! That is it! ::hearing the music she finally finds a paperclip in her bag, and picks the lock:: Ha ha ! ::runs into the building:: Ryuu-Chan it's me Yuriko!!

Ryuu-chan continues to sleep. Nothing in the world could wake him up when he's asleep.

*K san knocks at the door*

K: Ryuu-san...

Next post:

*Tohma gives K-san a call*

Tohma:K-san, I want you to bring Ryuuichi back to Japan immediately.

K: right away?

Tohma: Yes there is a change of plan. I want you 2 to pack up and take the 2.30 am
flight back to Japan.

K: What do you mean change of plan?

Tohma: Didn't Ryuuichi tell you, he was scheduled to be back this weekend?

K: Hm..no.

Tohma: Never mind that. Just pick up the tickets at the airport. They've been booked.

K: Roger that.

The line was out...

K:What's with this Ryuuichi...If he's not going to open up, I'll have to use my way...

He picks up his trusty gun and points it at the door. BANG*BANG*BANG*
and down went the door.

He then heard screams from inside and peered inside. There he saw, Yuriko-san screaming as she hugged Ryuuichi tightly.

Upon the commotion, Ryuuichi wakes up as looks around...Then he finally found his bearings and sees Yuriko hugging him.

Ryuuichi: What are you doing nanoda, Yuriko-chan??

he then pauses and sees K-san

Ryuuichi: K! What are you doing here?


::screams seeing K-san and then screams seeing Ryuu-chan....Uh ha ha ::sweat drop:: Ryuu-chan i came to bring you these! ::shows him her cookies:: See?! ::huggles him:: I'm sorry I'm sorry ;;^^ I didn’t mean to break into your apartment, but you see.. um ...ah.. you fell asleep I've been waiting for a long time and really just wanted to give you these cookies...::looks at K-san:: Don’t kill me..::falls off the couch onto the floor::

"break in nanoda??"
looks at Yuriko blankly...and then eyes caught at the cookies...
"ooo!!! cookies...arigatou nanoda^^"
takes cookies and munches...

::sighs relived:: Cookies yeah.. I hope you like them.. I baked them especially for you Ryuu-Chan ::eyes get all starry and dreamy:: But..::eyes go back to normal:: You have another guest...::look to K-san:: Um.. maybe you should talk to him before he starts pulling out his guns...?

*K san polishes his guns*

K-San: now, now I let my guns do the talking

*K san pointed his gun in the air*

K: RYUUCHI SAN! It's time to get packing, Tohma is expecting us on a 2:30 am flight back to Tokyo, Yuriko-chan, I will not shoot you.
Now let's get going!

::is hiding behind the couch:: You..two.. are going to kill somebody.. K-san… why does he have to go back to Japan?! It's not fair...My cousin didn't tell me anything about going back to America.. At least not this early, and you’re ruining his cookies!

*continues munching cookies, not taking note of the commotion and K-san’s presence*

*K san snatches the cookies away from Ryuu-san*

K: I mean now! no distractions!

*loads up his handgun*

"ooo..."tears can be seen forming around Ryuuichi's eyes...as he looks at the cookies taken away by k-san.
Then his anger gathered inside him thinking of the thought that he will never be able to eat them,...he burst into anger...!!
"That's mine, nanoda!!" jumps up to k-san and snatches the cookies from his hand and then sits back at a corner and continues munching them...
"Kumagorou...want a piece nanoka"*he offers Kumagorou^^.

*Fire a round of bullets while freaking out Yuriko*

K: No time to waste! I mean now!

K-san...you're frightening Kumagorou nanoda...!!you bad k-san. Now Kumagorou doesn't want to eat his cookies...

*K san puts away his gun and walks over to Kumagorou*

K-San: I'm sorry Ryuu-san and Kumagorou, but as soon as your done eating your cookies we need to pack, so we can make our flight so Tohma-san won't be mad at us

Ryuu-chan looks at Kumagorou with bright eyes...*Kumagorou looks at k-san and then waves his hands as it nods his head* then they both continue munching their cookies...*happy*

*K san chills out for a minute as he reloads the gun*

K-san: once you're done with your cookies we must hurry and pack

Ryuuichi munches his last cookie and ..."I'm done nanoda...I'll go pack now" He jumps lively to his room..

*k san polishes his gun*

K: we're bringing Ryuu-san back to Japan because Tohma-san wants to have a meeting with him about Nittle Grasper. I'm not ruining anyone's cookies *innocent smile*

::eyes swell up with tears:: But, but.. we were suppose to go back to Japan together Ryuu-chan and I ::image of a wedding:: *such a space case*, and Nittle Grasper is over with I thought.....Fine..if that is what Tohma-san wants that's what he will get..but I'm returning to Japan too..I'll bring my career back there early ^^ and make Tohma pay for cutting in on my fun...::looks at K-san polishing his gun:: Um..within the music industry of course^^ Yuriko the dancer and hardcore worker is back!

*K-san crosses his arms*

K: very well, have your fun with Tohma-san

*laughs* *Thinks to self, I wonder what Tohma will make of this*

(1 and a half hours later)"Yay...K-san, I'm done..."K-san's eyes widen at the amount of stuff Ryuu-chan is bringing.
*K-san mind image*... even a lorry wouldn't fit this...*sweat drop*


K-san: Ryuu-san, choose 4 suitcases to bring and I'll have Tohma-san pick up the cost for the moving. Now, let's get going!

*K-san opens the door*

{slight interruption by Yuriko}

::runs in front of them:: Just you wait you two I'll see you soon! ::huggles both of them:: Bye!! ^^ ::runs into the night:: Japan..here we come ^^

*K san is hugged*

K-san: see you soon Yuriko-san

Bye bye nanoda

Ryuuichi to K-san:

"no!!i want to bring all. These four are mine and the other 8 are Kumagorou's"
*Ryuuichi looks at K-san with eyes of dismay*

*K san gives Ryuu-san a look of dismay*

K: *sweatdrop* fine, load them up, we'll sort this out at the airport

"Yay!"*ryuu-chan starts junking the luggage’s in the cab's boot. Only 3 could go in...He looked at the rest of the baggage in dismay...


K-san: I'll call another cab

*pulls out gun and shoots it into the air*


*Ryuuichi pauses and thinks for awhile…

Ryuuichi:no need K-san.

*He went back to his apartment and brought out a bandwagon. Attached it from behind the cab and tossed the rest of the luggage into it.

Ryuuichi:ta da!!^^

*K stops firing bullets into the sky*

K: You never cease to amaze me k san said as he got into the cab

yay nanoda^^
lets go now K!

At the Airport:

K-san: Oh my, how I will I get my guns through the security, maybe I can use Ryuu and Kumagorou as a distraction

*a bunch of luggage loaders give K-san a puzzled look as he slips them with a $20*

K-san: Hey, careful or Kumagorou will get upset

*Ryuuichi looks at k-san with glittery eyes...*
*oh K, you do care about Kumagorou...Here, Kumagorou kiss you* as he presses Kumagorou to k-san's face^^.
"See, Kumagorou likes you too, K^^"

*k is kissed by the stuffed toy* *sweatdrop*

K-san *ushering Ryuu to the door* we must act cool and not try to stick out...not to attack any fans *keeps his hand on his guns*

"Ok" he replies as K-san pushes him through the gate...
After Ryuu-chan crossed the gate...(k-san still on the other side managing to get through)
"Yo, K! hurry up or not people will see us nanoda!!"(*he said it loudly*^^;;...how not to get other's attention now?)

*sweatdop* *pulls out his gun* *prepares for fan barrage*

K-san: Ryuu-san you never cease to amaze me

K-san then tries to enter the gate with his guns.

Guards: Sir, you're not allowed to come through here with these. We'll need to confiscate them.

*K-san then looks at Ryuuichi on the other side.

Ryuuichi: HELP!!K!!*as his fan's starts to take chase*

*K-san points a gun at the ceiling and fires a round of warning shots*

K-san: Alright, this is how it's going to go as long as everyone co-operates no one will get hurt. Your guards will escort Ryu and myself to our airplane to escape the rampaging fans.

Yay...Hurray K!!*as he claps his hands*
*fan's all shocked to see the mad gun-man*...
( i guess that's why Tohma hired him...XD)

*the guards for a circle around Ryuu while k-san follows behind*

K-san: Haha, nothing gets better then this. I'm a regular gun tooting American *hysterical laugh*

Continued Post:

Back in Japan:

*Tohma-san sits quietly in his office*
*the phone rings and it is K-san(long distance call from America)*

Tohma-san: Hello K, I trust you made the flight?
K-san: Correct, we are now being escorted to the terminal by airport guards.
Tohma-san: I see you completely ignored my orders to keep everything calm
K-san: You know Ryuuchi, he just wants to have his fun
Tohma: I will be waiting for you at the airport.
K-san: In disguise I presume?
Tohma-san: You are correct K. Be sure not to attract anyone at the airport.
K-san: Before I forget, Yuriko-chan will be coming back to Japan shortly to have some "fun" with you
Tohma: Very well K. I'll talk to you later.

*Tohma hungs up the phone and calls up Sakano-san*

Tohma: Sakano-san, I would like to see you and Syuuichi in my office promptly, bring a demo tape if it is available.

Posts Comment:

Sakano-san, Bad luck will open for ASK at the next concert, I want to see what they're capable of. I must go to the airport now to pick up some friends, I'll call you when I get back and the tape better be ready Sakano.

Sakano: Oh, Tohma san! Yes sir! Right away sir!

*Sakano briefly hangs up the phone and then picks it up again and dials Shuichi's phone number....*

Shuichi's answer machine-
*In the background*
Shuichi: How does this work?
Hiro: Shuichi, it's recording.
Shuichi: What am I supposed to say again?
Hiro: Just tell them to leave a message.
Shuichi: Oh yeah...haha.
*Louder now*
Shuichi: Hello who ever is calling me. I'm not home so leave me a message. Bai bai.
(Hiro in the background: Now let go of the record button Shuichi)...


Sakano: Shindo where are you? Tohma san wants us in his office now! WHERE ARE YOU? DID YOU FINISH THE SONG YET? SHINDO!!!!!!!!!

*Sakano hangs up the phone and then quickly calls up Hiroshi*

Sakano: Nakano! I need you to find Shindo! Tohma san is waiting for us. He wants the demo tape!

The demo tape...?*pretends to forget all about it...pauses a while* Oh...you mean the song demo tape *can't think of any excuse to hide the fact*...haha...*how can i say this*...We've got somewhat of a problem now...Syuuichi's mum just...um...confiscated all his stuff and he's grounded from getting out of his house^^;; *we've got exams coming up...*um...in short, we haven't exactly got it recorded...


*Hiro hears phone drop and distant crying from the other end*

Oh no! Touma san is going to kill me! I have failed! There is no reason left for me to live. Good bye cruel world!

*Runs to go jump out the window*

*boink...*Hiro holds phone a distance from his ear...then listens to the phone again. "ar..Sakano-san...are you still there?"

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