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Yuki's 'PAST' post

Brotherly love<3
In his apartment, Yuki sat on his desk thinking, thinking of something new to write
something inspiring. His romance novels seemed so similar in every way that he was surprised none of his fans even noticed. He sighed and tried not to stress too much about it after all his next deadline was more than a month away from now and that was plenty of time for him to have it done and ready for print.
He got up from his favorite wooden chair and headed toward his living room, there had to be something on the television that could distract him. When he entered the living room, he could feel his blood pressure rising, he could not believe this jerk had the nerve to sit on his couch, watching his television, worst of all he knew exactly what the idiot was watching.
He walked over to him, trying to remain calm, and sat on the couch, his eyes focused only on his brother.

"Tatsuha, do you mind explaining to me why your in my home watching that stupid video
of Nittle Grasper again?" Yuki asked angrily, "Don't you have any other place to go?"

Tatsuha shot Yuki a look of disdain. "Does it look like I have any other place to go?" Ignoring the angry blonde Tatsuha turned his attention back to the television screen. Only Ryuichi could make him happy, only Ryuichi could understand him. He was sure of it. He was also sure that, despite being brothers, Yuki never would.
Yuki glared at Tatsuha, he couldn't believe they were related. It annoyed him just to look at Nittle Grasper and with his brother watching it, he only made it worse.

"You're sick, you know that?" Yuki cried, "Do you know how many times you've watched that damn thing? And what's worse, its in my home!"

Tatsuha shrugged. "Who cares? And I wouldn't be casting stones dear brother, you certainly aren't a saint. You do seem awfully emotional though, I've never heard you talk that much since...ever."
"I have alot on my mind." Yuki said bluntly, "And you aren't helping me clear my head!"
Tatsuha glanced at Yuki and sighed. Perhaps he could make an effort for once. Turning off the television Tatsuha turned to face his brother. "Do you want to talk?"
Yuki looked at his brother suspiciously, hoping it wasn't some game. Yuki sighed, he gave in, just this once to his brother. He realized he might need someone to talk too after all.

"Tatsuha, before I tell you what's been bothering me, I just need to know, what do you like about Ryuichi so much?" Yuki asked.
Tatsuha seriously considered the question. What was it about the energetic singer that he loved so much?

"I suppose it's because he's hot. Have you seen the part in the video where he gets naked?" Seeing Yuki start to fume again, Tatsuha quickly continued, "Seriously though, I suppose it's because he's so honest in everything he does. Why do you ask?"
"I guess it bothers me that I've written all these romance novels yet how can I write them when I haven't experienced love?" Yuki explained.

He hoped Tatsuha could help him figure out why it was like that. Yuki felt he needed an answer before he continued writing the next novel.
"Haven't experienced it? But, I love you brother!!" Tatsuha had been serious for too long. Wrapping Yuki in a big bear hug, Tatsuha laughed. "You think about things too much, ever think that's the whole of your problem? You already understand, or you could never have written one word." Winking at Yuki, Tatsuha turned back to the television.
Yuki smiled slightly, he couldn't believe Tatsuha could actually be right about him.

"I guess you have a point." Yuki said.

He punched his brother lightly on his shoulder, "How did you end up to be so smart?"
Surprised at the playful punch, Tatusha stared at Yuki. "Someone has to be smart in this family..." Taking advantage of Yuki's good mood Tatsuha thwacked his brother against the head with a sofa cushion. "Why the love talk? Got a new girlfriend?"
"No one new, the last girl I was with told me she loved me. I dumped her the same time she said this too me, I didn't feel the same way." Yuki explained, "What about you? Anyone new in your life?"
Tatsuha laughed. "Just me and my old love," he said as he patted the Nittle Grasper video case beside him.
Yuki laughed.

"If you want Ryu so badly, why don't you go find him and declare your love to him or something." Yuki suggested sarcastically.
Tatsuha scoffed.

"You can't just go and find Sakuma Ryuichi. He's not like a bottle of ketchup. And you never let me use your connections so I can meet him." Tatsuha crossed his arms and pouted like the 16 year old he was.

Yuki rolled his eyes and laughed.

"If I let you do that, you'll end up with a restraining order." Yuki said, "But since, I'm in a good mood, maybe I'll consider you meeting him."
Tatsuha squealed like a girl and danced around the room. "That would be great! We would stare at each other from across a crowded room, then his eyes would widen as he realized how fabulously gorgeous I am." Tatsuha positively sparkled as the scenerio played out in his head.
Yuki rolled his eyes in disgust, watching his brother make a fool of himself. He sighed and wondered why he bothered saying anything in the first place.

Yuki quietly stood up and bopped Tatsuha on the back of the head, sending him face first on the ground.

"Control yourself Tatsuha, the moment hasn't even occurred yet and your parading around like a school girl." Yuki said.
Tatsuha rubbed his nose and glared back up at his brother. "I haven't paraded around like a school girl since you made me try on that Sailor Suit when we were kids. You always did have this weird fetish for them..." Sensing danger, Tatusha blew his brother a kiss and ran out the door.
Yuki's eyebrow arched at the mention of this and he became agitated, aching to kill.

"You selfish little brat get your ass over here now!" Yuki cried as he chased Tatsuha out the door.

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