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I've decided that we should continue from the following points

-->Yuki and Tatsuha

-->K-san, Ryuuichi, Yuriko and Tohma-san in America relaxing for awhile I guess until you come back to us in Jap!

and those of you who haven't comunnicated with any characters, talk to characters who you think your character should have a connection with.

Shuichi, I believe was with Hiro at the time? If not I think those two should start off together, searching for our dear Sakano, and we know Tohma needs to get into the picture soon or later, so Suguru could meet up with Shuichi and Hiro. But if Suguru would like to meet them earlier that's fine by me as long as Shuichi and Hiro don't mind.

Remember every character is important even if their minor characters, everyone try to get involved! I hope by Thursday all of you have read this and are willing to start. Just comment here and tell me what you think.
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Not a problem with my Tatsuha, he loves to molest pick on his brother.
*tries not to hurt him*
I believe it was your turn to post Tatsuha, but as usual your always behind of things.
*pokes* Hey have you forgotten about me Tatsuha? I feel a little insulted.
alright we in america again yay... guess we wait for tohmas call then.
ok nanoda!!
La li ho!^^
Ready and waiting. I will follow my orders to my best abilities.
If Sakuma san and K-san are still in America then that means the 1st concert hasn't happened yet so I still won't be RPing for a while right? I'll just keep watching for my entrance but until then...I'm going to go work on my synthesizer. good day
I'm waiting for all this to being
Its begun! Ayaka why don't you come down and give Yuki a surprise visit or something? Just a suggestion to get you involved, we don't want our leading lady out of the picture -_^
thank you I'll try to get involed and OF COURSE I WONT FORGET YOU GUYS.
Try not to forget us! ^_^
we are all waiting...madone >-< ;;
Its already started!
::confused:; okay..cool yay?
^^ lets rp ^^
ok sorry I would have been on ALOT earilyer if I wasnt sick. and had a docter appointment and if my mom would have left the computer alone when I got home =/ how do we rp on here anyways ..*ish confused*
It's ok. Are u ok yet, Ayaka-chan??
'How this works...'
Its slower than rpg'ing on messenger. But it has the same concept i think.
nah, I'm still coughing my head off.

ok then I guess answering to the the next entery was right huh?
It was perfect ^_^
How are you feeling?
Do you have the flu or something?
better I'm still coughing a lot but I'm fine, how are you?

I dont know >_>